Professional Samples

As a writer at an agency, I usually don’t put my name on my work. I act as a ghostwriter for our clients, like I did when I wrote this article. Scroll for samples of the work I’ve done with Seafoam Media.

Blog: What Creating a Bad Website Taught Us about Good Design

This blog allowed me to combine my two loves: writing and teaching. I’m always happy to do a little outreach and mentor young people, especially when I get to discuss marketing concepts at the same time! I’ve also found that trying to do something badly often ends up being a great teaching method.

Case Study: A Vintage Concept for a Hip Hotel

When I write case studies for Seafoam or for clients like DH Schmidt, I interview project leaders and creatives, taking notes on 3 main topics: overview of the project, challenges faced, and innovative solutions discovered. Because I always want to showcase a client’s expertise, I look for ways to detail the way the client solved problems and rose to the challenges each project presented.

Lesson Plan: Medicines Aren’t for Mixing

When Seafoam represented the Missouri Poison Center, one of the things we did for them was revamp their educational material. I got a chance to use some old skills as I researched, gathered material, and wrote lesson plans for different age groups. This sample is designed for teens and tweens.

Samples of lesson plans on Missouri Poison Center

Shopping Guide: Update Your Dining Room on a Budget

Writing for eCommerce clients gives me a chance to improve my skills while I dream about new furniture for my home. I’ve written guides like this one for Weekends Only and Alpine Shop.

Blogs: Can You Copyright a Taste?

Practice True Self Care this Valentine’s Day

While I research and write for clients across a range of industries, I’ll admit to having favorites. The first blog topic, for a legal client, was fun to dig into. And I enjoyed writing about true self care in the second sample.

Holly is wonderful to work with. She is excellent at crafting whatever is needed from even the smallest morsels of information to go on. She is able to translate my vague ramblings into helpful, engaging and user friendly content for the web. She’s always ready and willing to help whether you need copy for a button or an industry specific white paper.

Rebecca Mosby, Web Designer