10 Reasons to Buy that Vespa Scooter You’ve Been Eyeing

Montreal, Canada – October 27, 2019 – A bright red Vespa scooter parked on the street

We know you’ve been thinking about it.

You’ve imagined yourself zipping around the city with sunglasses on and the wind in your hair. You’ve wondered if you’d look as cool as you’d feel, riding one. I mean, come on. It even comes in your favorite color! It’s an original … it’s a Vespa. And if you’re not convinced yet, here are our top 10 reasons why you should go ahead and buy it.

The 10 Best Reasons for Owning a Vespa

#1 – They’re Really Easy to Drive!

Vespa scooters are engineered to be comfortable, easy to drive, and great for beginners who may not be ready for a Triumph or a Ducati. Because they have a low center of gravity, they’re a breeze to master at lower speeds. And once you get used to driving in traffic, you’re set!

#2 – The Gas Mileage is to Die For

Vespa scooters can get from 60 to 90 MPG. That’s better than a Prius! Just imagine how much you’ll save in gas money each year. It’s great for your wallet and great for the environment, too.

#3 – Scooters Cost Less than a Standard Motorcycle (and Way Less than a Car)

Compared to a new model motorcycle, scooters are inexpensive. Compared to cars, they’re practically free! Vespas cost a fraction of what you’d spend on a new Honda. Your wallet and your credit score will thank you.

#4 – They’re Also Cheap to Maintain

Whether it’s paying for tires, registering your scooter, or getting repairs, everything is cheaper with a Vespa. Tires, for example, will run you between $60 and $100. Registration is half that of a car. And scooter insurance rates are under $200 per year, with full coverage.

#5 – They’re Easy to Park!

Not only can they maneuver into parking spaces that are too narrow for a car, they’re super cheap to park. Some parking lots even offer free parking for bikes. If you live in any downtown area, you know how important this can be.

#6 – The Cool Factor

Two words: they’re Italian. Vespa and Piaggio regularly stun with their elegant design. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, you can, by tooling around on a Vespa. You know who else has been spotted on a Vespa? Leonardo DiCaprio. Lady Gaga. George Clooney and Brad Pitt! Hugh Jackson, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Emma Watson! The Vespa is, quite simply, a style icon. Can you think of anything cooler than a girl on a Vespa with a matching helmet? We can’t.

#7 – They’re Simply Fun to Drive

Beyond looking cool, you can have fun on a Vespa! When you’re scooting around town, people smile and wave at you. It happens all the time. Even on the worst of days, riding your Vespa will put you in a good mood.

#8 – Built for all Ages, and Built for 2!

From the beginning driver to the octogenarian, people of all ages can learn to love a Vespa. Plus, these scooters are designed to handle 2 riders. So, jump on with your favorite person (or pet) and hold on tight. The romance story practically writes itself.

#9 – They’ve Got Storage Space

More than you think! Enough for groceries, your laptop, your weekend-get-away bag — whatever you need. Who wants a big SUV full of stuff, anyway? Not us.

#10 – They’re Faster than You Think!

Today’s Vespas are worlds away from your grandpa’s golf cart. Some Vespas can even push 100 MPH! So don’t worry. You can still feel the need for speed on a scooter.

Check Out our Inventory of Scooters

Are you convinced yet? We think Vespa scooters are a perfectly zippy remedy for drivers weary of traffic congestion who want a little more fun on the road.

Even if you’re not convinced, come visit us at our showroom! We’re happy to show you the new and used scooters we have in stock and give you even more reasons to love a Vespa.

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