Writer, Digital Marketer, Educator

My name is Holly Sinclair, and I am a writer, a content marketing professional, and an educator. After earning an MFA in creative writing from Arizona State University, I taught for several years in Phoenix. I moved to St. Louis in 2012 where I tutored, lectured at Maryville University, and began writing creative nonfiction. I taught students at Lift for Life Academy before joining Seafoam Media in 2017. Currently, I write marketing content for a living and creative essays for fun. My students call me Ms. Sin-Sin.

My Mission

I write because I’m in love with words, sentences, and paragraphs—and the way our most sparkling ideas reveal themselves through careful organization. I geek out over a well-turned phrase. A just-right action verb gives me a tiny sense of satisfaction. The perfect-puzzle-piece quality of choosing one sentence to place before or after another is the engine that keeps me going. 

As a student poet turned English teacher turned professional writer, I write with a few specific guidelines in mind: 


I don’t believe range is simply an asset; I believe it’s a necessity for the professional writer. I take pride in mine, and I hope to expand it even further with challenging assignments and personal writing exercises that force me to dig deeper. 


I try to follow Strunk’s advice to “omit needless words.” I also keep this quip by Mark Twain in mind: “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’Tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” 


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a copywriter for a digital marketing firm, it’s this: if readers can’t immediately and clearly understand what’s being presented to them, they won’t stick around. And as a former teacher, I believe strongly in writing in a manner that’s clear and engaging without being condescending. 


Without a central idea, you don’t have an essay. Without a bit of humanity, you don’t have a readable essay. I have an old-fashioned dedication to authenticity.

Whether I’m writing a shopping guide for a furniture store, describing the ideal wedding venue, or listing the dos and don’ts of creating a brand guide, I strive to bring a high level of quality to everything I create. 

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