The Beginning of Content (or What The Internet Was to Me)

I still do this …

Each morning, I’ll go through my usual fun-to-read sites – Jezebel, Facebook, Washington Post, etc. – and mentally prepare myself to work.

Inevitably, my fingers will pause over the keys and I’ll think … where’s the thing I really want to read about? Where’s the answer?

I remember when the internet was new. Do you? I remember the gimmicky flashing fonts, the weirdly Word-like page layouts, and the zoned-out feeling of exploring a bunch of nonsense online. I’d write for awhile in LiveJournal (Or was it MySpace?), I’d check to see if my favorite store actually had a website. And, as I got bored with “surfing,” I’d fight the urge to type “What is the meaning of life?” into the search bar.

The good news is, after two decades of research and reflection (ha), I’ve figured it out! I’m older, I have fewer fucks to give, and I’ve decided that the thing I’m waiting to see is the thing I haven’t written yet.

It’s the op-ed that articulates precisely how I feel. It’s the poem that will open up the window in my head that’s been jammed shut for decades. It’s the insight I’ve been meaning to put into words for my colleagues. Call me self-absorbed, but I’m beginning to think that the voice I’ve been longing to hear all this time is my own.

I’ve had this blog up for awhile now, and I’ve struggled with how to market it. Is it simply a repository for the poems and creative essays I’ve written over the years? Should it be a resource for fellow educators and content marketers? Shouldn’t I update it more often? Could I maybe someday be an (ick) influencer? I don’t know.

All I do know is that it’s time to put perfectionism and misplaced modesty aside and start writing the kind of stuff that will make my keyboard fingers twitch and my brain explode.

So, you know, get ready for that.

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